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77 / Honesty

Attentive, avid readers will have noted there’s been a recent hiatus in my posts on this blog.  The reason mostly is that I just couldn’t find the energy to write.  My cancer has burgeoned.  I am now in the hospice once again.  .......................................................
 “How do you feel today?” 
The question hangs in the air between us. OK. Well? I scramble, flat-footed through bits of automatic response.  How should I answer?  At this very moment I don’t feel in any great pain that I want to complain of.  It comes and goes.  It’s been an effort to get here; to sit and talk.  So I’m a bit short of breath.  But that seems feeble as a reply.  Scrap that. I search for something more precise.
I have great sympathy for the teenage stock retort, a shrug and “Fine!” – avoiding the exertion.  But that really won’t do either.  I pass myself in rapid review.  It seems to me that I do feel ‘fine’.  I have continual aches and twinges stemming from the tumour in my neck treated with e…

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