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The grape has long been associated with periods of illness and convalescence.  Recognition of its curative effects has led to the development of full-scale grape cure courses and black and white grapes both have properties important in the treatment of various forms of cancer.

Cherries, also, are rich in anti-cancer agents and have a huge asset in being delicious to eat.

The same cannot be said of wheat grass.  I’ve witnessed dogs and cats chewing blades of young, green grass as a way of making themselves vomit.  Having tasted powdered wheat grass sprinkled on my breakfast cereal I can fully understand why this is so effective.  However, amongst other benefits wheat grass is a good source of selenium.

There is a general concensus that selenium deficiency can lead to various clinical consequences including cancer.  Fortunately a nut to which I am extremely partial, the brazil nut, provides the richest food source of selenium. 

It’s possible to take selenium as a supplement but my humble rule of thumb is to eat fruit and vegetables, as far as is feasible,  just as mother nature presents them - off the tree, out of the ground.  I almost added out of the water but mostly I prefer my fish delicately cooked and anyway I’m talking here about fruit and vegetables grown on land.  A supplement is the natural item treated in some way which may degrade its benefits.  The bioactive property of unprocessed food enters intact - after adequate chewing and digestion - into the bloodstream and finds its way happily to the part of the body that needs it most.

Any seeds and whole grains are generally beneficial.  Flaxseed, in particular, is noted as a good source of selenium.

Green, leafy vegetables are good eaten raw or lightly cooked and carrots deserve an hourable mention.  So, too, does turmeric (curcumin).

Choosing dietary constituents as an intervention in dealing with cancer is a strategy of chemoprevention.  As far as I can see to date there is no convincing scientifically conclusive evidence suggesting that any of these foods mentioned can in fact prevent cancer in humans, let alone cure it.

But if properties identified and acclaimed as being favourable in combatting cancer are present in foodstuffs it seems to me a no brainer to add them to my regular diet.

Except wheat grass.

Mary B’s Sunflower Seeds Snack

Ingredients                                                                  Preparation Time:  None
Cupful of sunflower seeds                                        Cooking Time:    7mins,
Soy sauce /  tamari to taste                                   Difficulty:   Dead easy

1. Sprinkle sunflower seeds onto a heavy pan.
2. Dry roast on hob until just turning brown.
3. Remove pan from heat and drizzle seeds with tamari / soy sauce.
4. Stir seeds immediately to ensure all seeds are coated with tamari / soy sauce. 
5. To prevent seeds from sticking to the pan, stir until pan cools.

Enjoy as a snack.  Add to salads.  Scrumptious.

© Máille Brady Bates 

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