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How to live with cancer.  

There is a question mark missing at the end of those few words.    

I am just coming to terms with being recently diagnosed with BRAF V600 mutation-positive, metastatic melanoma.  The consultant announced - as though I had won the lotto - that the survival rate  from this form of cancer was now averaging at around 20 months.  I could see where he was coming from.  Ten or twelve years ago I would have had only an outside chance of surviving for  two.  Cold comfort this.  What to do next?

I’ve quickly learned that my treatment is a family affair. The family rallies around.  Pools resources.  Researches optimum solutions.  Latest ideas.  No time to sit about bewailing bad luck, beating my breast, wringing my hands, gnashing my teeth, indulging my grief.  I have to do my bit along with everyone else.  For one thing I was handed a formidable reading list to get through to bring myself up to speed: Kris Carr, Olivia Wollenberg...nutritional guides towards a healthy body; mindfulness guides towards a healthy soul;  Clive James.

"Clive James?"
"Writes a  blog  in the Guardian.  Been writing for years."
"Now, there’s a thought."
"Hmm... Tad pretentious! No?" 
"Ah well.  He’s never likely to find out.  Anyway, it’ll be my story.  I’ll say it my way."

 © Benóg Brady Bates 

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