48 / Drawing

We’re Drawing in the Dark Tonight

standing there already, silhouetted
against blazing logs, glimmering
in candlelight,
breathes lightly,

We take a deep breath, or two. We
dive into the owl-light,
delve into the shadows to test
the magic of art’s darkest chromas.

There’s lamp black, coal black, tar, and Mars black,
smoke, soot and bone;
there’s ebony, jet, and raven’s wing,
velvet, vine, and sloe.

Enchanted, we push the dusty black of charcoal
with our fingers,
we pool
the liquid blacks of ink with a brush,
we butter
taut white canvas with slow oodles of black paint.

Life drawing –
a charmed alchemy on paper,
an enchanting fool’s errand,
a bewitching wild goose chase,
that snatches at our breath and
binds fast our hearts;

for we must ever try, and fail, to grasp
these fleeting shadows - somehow - to fix
the fragility of her being, in
this moment, on
this paper.

January 2017
© Jood Gough


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